A Good Starting Point for Your Activities

     Antlers Inn is in an optimal location for reaching the most important destinations in our area. At the same time, you'll find that the hotel is a wonderful place to relax and unwind from the adventures and stress of the day.


     Many wildlife excursions as well as fishing and hunting opportunities exist. There are several national preserves included within the King Salmon area. Fishing & hunting include King, Sockeye, & Silver Salmon; lake & rainbow trout; moose;and brown bear. Please check out some of the outstanding guides and trips that are available. 



Some of the advantages of our location

  • Easy walking access to restaurants, store, bank & gift shop
  • A quick ride to airports 
  • Wildlife viewing on the property (in season and at their discretion ?)
  • Beluga Whale watching (seasonal) 


Do you have any questions about possible activities? We can always get current informational material for you from the Visitors Center!


Photo Gallery: Highlights of Activities in the Area